Do Witches Worship Satan?

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Do Witches Worship Satan?
01.13.05 (5:56 am)   [edit]
WARNING this blog may seriously offend some readers. If you choose to continue reading, please do so with an open mind. If you read this, you do so by your own volition and though no fault of mine, may be forced to change your misconceptions of Witches.

If after reading this you feel a sudden urge to preach bible verses at me, please do not waste your time. Your energy would be better spent in a Christian act of Charity, such as feeding the homeless children in your city, sorting your winter clothes and giving them to a shelter, or just loving your neighbour, even if he is a different religion. REMEMBER I warned you.

“Whether or not witches actually worshipped him [Satan], I don't know. But they did call on something or someone who wasn't God, so it basically comes down to the same thing.”

Once a long time ago I had an email from a Christian about witches and Satan. In her email, she wrote the above line. hhhmmmm, it stuck with me, and this is how I respond to that.

When witches do Rituals or Spells they call on the Divine. Some called the Universal Power, or they say Goddess and God, or they use specific names for the Lord and Lady, like Hecate, Pan, Gaia, and Zeus. In some practices, it is named the Creator, which is another name for God.

They are not calling on Satan or the devil. They evoke the power of the Creator and many choose to divide the Essence of the Creator into two, The Goddess, or female energy and the God, the male energy.

When I look at the sun at sunrise it looks very different than it does at noon and even different yet again at sunset. The sunlight shimmering through the clouds looks very different from sunlight dancing through the trees, yet it is that same sun, the same light shining down upon me.

Then there is a rainbow and it’s all these different colours and looks so very different from the sun, but it comes from the same source, the sun.

There are millions of different people on this planet all with very different lives, cultures and communities.

Would it not make sense then that God, the Universal Power, the Creator of all these different people, would show himself in different ways so that each person could comprehend him?

As said above Witches most often honour the Creator as Goddess and God, Duel and Equal.

So who is this Satan person? ***

The original meaning of the word, or name Satan, was adversary. He, Lucifer, was one of Gods angels, one of his lieutenants in the Army of God, when Angels carried swords instead of harps and were feared by most people. Lucifer did not want to be second to God, He wanted all the Power, and he tried to take it. Of course going up against the Granddaddy Ma Cheezmo of the World was a fool’s errand and he got blasted from the Heavens and sent down to Hell.

The Thing we have to remember about Satan is this. God created everything, so therefore created his adversary too. Why the heck would anyone want to do that? If God was truly all knowing and all seeing wouldn’t he have known the Lucifer was going to rebel?

You cannot have an omniscient God and then say he was duped by the devil. Here’s what I figure.

God knew what he was doing. He created Contrast when he created Lucifer. He made Darkness, so we could know light, suffering so we could feel joy. He wanted us to be able to know the difference, so out pops the Devil.

When God created him as his antagonist, he wasn’t evil. He just became evil when Christianity realized they had the greatest scapegoat, and the ultimate excuse not to take personal responsibility for their actions. The devil made me do it. Yes, yes I know another grand sweeping generalization about Christians, I humbly apologize (“Like grand sweeping generalizations never happen to Witches”, she mutters sarcastically under her breath.)

So Do witches worship him?

Nope. Most witches don’t even believe in him. He’s a Christian concept for the Christian faith. Witches take responsibility for there actions because we have the Law of Three, That which we do will return to us three fold IN THIS LIFE TIME.

We do bad, we’re getting it back at us three times as bad. That’s a heck of a lot scarier than Hell after we die.

Then who Does worship Satan?

It would be at this point that I write Satanists. But even that isn’t quite accurate. After wandering around a fascinating site, I discovered that True Satanists don’t even worship Satan.

And I quote, “Satan is not a real, living entity, conscious or a physical thing that can be interacted with. It is a symbol, something ethereal, something that basically doesn't exist except as an emotional attachment and personal dream. Just like Buddhists do not worship Buddha, Satanists hold up Satan as an ultimate principal rather than an object of literal worship. Satan inspires and provokes people, like all (honest) religions the ultimate point is self-help. God believers have a different opinion on what Satan is, but their opinion is a result of their religion. Satanism's Satan is much more eclectic and multicultural than to be defined by Christianity or Islam.” *

So, I guess no one does.
Sorry Dude, you’ve got one helluva bum rap.

* This quote came from the website Satanism, Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism from the section with an adorable fluffy Satan doll marking this, url . It’s worth a visit cuz it’s so gosh darn cute!

*** Please be advised that this blog is the opinion of person and does not reflect the opinions of management, supervisors, higher divinity (though it might) or anyone in anyway responsible for the running of the universe. Though I'm sure some of you are now say it could be Satan.


posted by: rizi (reply)
post date: 01.13.05 (6:47 am)

well i dont believe in god and nor do i believe that a satan exists....but i found something interesting in your blog...
you think christians dont believe worship satan....but if satan is worshippep who does it?? is it related to pagan worship....pagan symbols have no devils as far as i know but my knowledge is limited...
also i saw in your profile u practice wiccan!! wat is it?? does that mean you believe in witchery and magic?? i cant believe any such crap...i would like an explanation

posted by: Fairmoon (reply)
post date: 01.14.05 (9:31 am)

but if satan is worshippep who does it?? is it related to pagan worship....pagan symbols have no devils as far as i know but my knowledge is limited...

Hi rizi, thanks for posting. I don't know who worships Satan. The thing that surprised me when i visited the Satanic site was that even True Satanists don't believe in Satan as a Personified being.

Pagan is a word that means Of the countryside. In Ancient Rome people that lived outside of Rome were called pagans because they often worshipped tree spirits or little god os of hills and springs. In the City of Rome (before Christianity), the city dwellers worshipped A pantheon of Gods like Saturn and Jupiter. When Christianity came along they took that on and worship of Saturn also became pagan.

Pagan symbols are pagan symbols. Satan symbols are Satanic symbols. Christian symbols are Christian symbols.
Hindu symbols are Hindu. etc...
They are all separate and often to don't relate to one other. These days they is such a mish mash of people drawing bits from this culture and that culture that there is a lot of cross of in symbolism.

But Pagan, or Witch symbols have nothing to do with Satan.

>also i saw in your profile u practice >wiccan!! wat is it?? does that mean >you believe in witchery and magic?? >i cant believe any such crap...i would like an explanation

Wicca is a modern term some witches use to describe themselves. Wicca, Witchcraft, The Craft are earth based spiritualities that centre mostly on the belief that there is A Goddess and A God and that Earth as an entity deserve respect and honouring.

With in Paganism and The Craft there are many different types. Just like in Christianity there are Baptists, Anglicans, Unitarians etc... So pinpointing a definition for every witch is difficult.

Yes, I do believe in Witchery and magic. I practice both of them regularly. Although, magic does not make up the bulk of my faith, it's sort of an added benefit.

If you take some time and read some of the other posts at my blog, such as "one definition of the Divine" and "I am A witch" you'll learn more about what The Craft is all about.

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll come back and read more.


posted by: Fairmoon (reply)
post date: 01.14.05 (9:38 am)

Thank you for your comments Bobby Joe. I'll have to check out grrlpinks blog. I like that quote.

I expect that my info about Lucifer is a bit off. It's not something that' I've made a study of. I once tried to read Paradise lost, but didn't make it very far.

For someone who has "stupidity running through their veins" you wrote a very intelligent comment. I find it had to believe that you are dumb.

I had to laugh at your comment about nerds with no grasp on reality, because I know a few of them. There always seems to be a few, in all faiths.

Thanks for read, hope you come back soon.


posted by: Fairmoon (reply)
post date: 01.14.05 (10:20 am)

""On a side note, I learned this the hard way: If you want to reply to people where they will get it in their comment box you should click the blue/white arrow at the bottom of their comment and then type. That way you don't have to tmail them and they'll know you replied without having to come back. ""

Thanks for the hint. I appercate that. i'm still learning the ropes. Though i can't remember which button I pushed for this comment.

""As far as nerds being in all faiths, that's true but, if you have any grasp on reality yourself you have to admit that Wicca and other earth religions are almost entirely populated with them. Like Satanism, it's mostly just a bunch of kids who got shoved in lockers on a daily basis growing up. In deciding to seperate themselves and find a source of power (psychologically speaking) they chose to fight reality by avoiding it. I'm no bully but, I've met hundreds of witches and only ONE (not including yourself) didn't make me want to beat them up and give them a wedgey. ""

We call them "fluffy bunnies" and they tend to die off as fast as they breed or as the fad dies down. Also the realization that they can't be like Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer of those buble gum girls on Charmed
tends to decrease their numbers.

"what you mean i can't make pencils float, of fire balls shoot from my hand? "

>I accept that some are probably >very seriously devout people with >legitamite reasons behind their >beliefs. I just haven't met any.

you've met me. :) although i shy away from the word devote.

I prefer honour and respect.


posted by: lawngnome (reply)
post date: 01.21.05 (10:13 am)

I have noticed that the witches never seem to last long around here.

I wonder if InHisNet is the one who likes to track them down and burn them at the stake so they can't post anymore....

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